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wow tumler is really taking all my lj time are my friends still here.i really miss my merlin friends drop me a line if you are still a round ,i would like to say hi.

Arthur just cant wait to be king

one of the things that kills my interest in a Merlin fic very fast no matter how much well written the fic is this prevalence idea that Arthur feels trapped into following into the family business, that he doesn't want to take over for his father. to me that imply Arthur never wanted to be king but felt trapped which i don't think is canon,i think Arthur loved his kingdom(company /family business) but disagreed with his father methods of leadership.there is a legitimate disagreement between Arthur and Uther about what it means to be king and how a king should relate to his subjects, but its not whether Arthur want to be king,and Uther might disagree with Arthur philosophy about the relationship between king and his people but there is no doubt he thinks Arthur has what it takes to be king.so when it comes to modern day fics i like those that focuses on the tension that arises from the differences in their leadership approaches because to me that canon,Arthur would love their empire ,their employees and the only different would be the way he feels the company direction should be and how it should be run,not this is not i want to do with my life,"i want to go and be a farmer and take Merlin with me", that was canon yes but i never thought that was serious goal of his.


never thought i will get swept into a soap fandom but stendan fandom as the level of talent that just blows my mind.case in point this video.

finally merlin is home again

am happy to anounce that i can now watch merlin without feeling my heart is being ripped out of my heart everytime i see arthurs face.i finally made peace with his death,i still thing it was a shit ending but whats done is done.so am back in the fandom ready to have some fan,reck me any post series fics and videos and arts thanks.


ok so am not over brendan brady leaving and given that two weeks have gone by it begining to feel like am never going to be over it.i really hope i dont lose any of my favorite characters or otp any time soon because i cant take it anymore,merlin opened that door and its like am lossing everything i ever had in my fandoms.

so here is to double B

happiness where are you

i think am depressed,i mean not clinically depressed like you know chemical imbalance serious but you know,or maybe am just in a funk .i don't know what going on i really don't,nothing makes me happy anymore not even my favorite show.
well it could be the fact that all my show have been so sad and gloomy lately,we had mickey rape in shameless that is still making me feel sick just thinking about it.
brendan brady is leaving hollyoaks and i know he is going to die so every time i watch him in the show i just get sad no matter how good the scenes are which they have been.
downton Abby managed to kill two of my favorite characters in back to back ep,seriously what the fuck was that.
suits ended with mike and Harvey relationship in the worst shape since the series began.
not to mention the shit that was Merlin ending.
am missing cas in supernatural like crazy,in that front at least i did get some good news today that he will be a regular in season 9 so there is that.
i have this relationship that am scared out of my mind to start, they have said the ball is in my corner 'but',i mean i know things with this person would either turn out fantastic or complete and utter disaster,there is no middle ground and am not sure 50/50 is my thing.
my career is stack in the beginning,i know what i should do and i know i should do it now yet every morning i tell myself today is the day and by the end of the evening am still in the same spot.
and now i need a beer.